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Yearbook Photos

DEADLINE: Friday, October 4, 2024

Submission Information

Hello Class of '25!

Just a reminder that the yearbook staff will need your senior portraits submitted by October 4. We have a new publisher next year, so I don't have the information yet on where to send them.  Please check your email in the fall because I will send a detailed email about how to submit them. 

Photo Requirements

Photo Size: 4 X 6

  • All images must be saved as a .JPEG or .JPG
  • Save image as LastName_FirstName (ex: Best_Susan.jpg). Use the student's name when saving.

Acceptable Photos

  1. Photos must be a vertical orientation from the waist up. Horizontal portraits will not be accepted; full-body shots will be cropped to the correct size.
  2. Headshots are to be approximately 1.25 inches from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.
  3. Basic front view; traditional poses only; Props should not detract from the senior.
  4. Nothing objectionable/illegal will be accepted. (Ex: any kind of weapons, beer shirt, etc.)
  5. Example of an acceptable photo:
Photo example of a student

Not Acceptable Photos

  1. Selfies, glamour shots, social media style shots.
  2. Soft focus or out of focus shots.
  3. Visible underwear or tees with messages.
  4. Photos with hard shadows across the face. If a hat is worn, the entire face must be clear and both eyes should be visible and facing forward.
  5. Sunglasses or objects that obscure the student’s face.
  6. Photos that are too bright or too dark may not be accepted.

We want every senior’s photo included in the yearbook.  It is important that the quality of your student’s image meets the printing standards set by our publishing company.  In order to meet the deadline, students will need to have their photos taken over the summer or early fall.  If you do not submit a professional photo, or do not meet the photo requirements, the student’s school photo from Dorian will be substituted.

Yearbook Adviser Contact Information:

Mrs. Susan Best
***Senior tributes or baby ads will be collected Dec 1 – Jan 12 only. These are ads that you purchase to honor your senior in the yearbook. More information will be forthcoming in November.