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Parent and Student Information

Attendance Information

  • Please see the student handbook for attendance procedures
  • The attendance hotline is (509) 465-7280 -- Messages can be left 24/7
  • To contact the secretary, please call the attendance office @ 465-7211

Reminders for Early Dismissal from School

The easiest and fastest way to have a student released before the end of the day is to send a note signed by the parent or guardian with the student in the morning. The student will receive a pass that releases him/her at the time indicated in the note. Early releases that are not pre arranged can take 10-15 minutes or longer to locate the student as classrooms will not be interrupted with phone calls.

If a parent or guardian must call during the school day to release a student, the student should come to the attendance office on their own to pick up their pass, not expecting someone to deliver their pass to them. Passes are not delivered to the classroom, again to minimize interruptions.

When a student gets sick at school they need to come to the health room to call home. They should not text or call from class and then expect the office to call them out, as this is a disruption to the teacher and class. Teachers have passes and will release a sick student to the health room if necessary.

Reminders for Late Arrival to School

When a student arrives late to school due to a medical appointment etc., a note can be sent from the parent or guardian to excuse them upon arrival. A phone call ahead of time or later that same day is also acceptable.

As per the handbook, absences not excused within 24 hours are subject to discipline.